Wicked Weed Brewing

Asheville, North Carolina

A geotechnical engineering exploration and analysis was performed with a track-mounted Diedrich D-50 drill rig.  The wicked weed brewing production facility consists of a structural steel framing warehouse building approximately 200 feet by 200 feet in plan dimension with truck loading docks and garage door and asphaltic concrete pavement.  The facility consists of a main level and mezzanine level office space, fermentation tanks, cold storage unit, canning and bottling areas in the interior and a liquid CO2 tank at the southeast exterior of the building.  A pre-engineered metal warehouse building addition was also constructed that is approximately 140 feet by 200 feet in plan dimension to store barrels, equipment and refrigerated cooler.

Based on the soil test borings, the site was previously graded with 10 to 15 feet of engineered fill followed by alluvial soils and residual soils.  A detailed foundation and settlement analysis was performed that allowed for conventional shallow foundation construction.