Hudak-Giles Retaining Wall

Asheville, North Carolina

A slope failure occurred on or about February 10, 2017 due to a broken pressurized water line. The slope failure soil mass slid down on to Town Mountain Road and was cleaned up by NC DOT. The slope failure was approximately 35 feet long and left an approximately 6 to 10 feet tall vertical scarp and slope failure mass.

Gentry prepared retaining wall plans and specifications to repair the slope failure. The retaining wall consisted of Verti-Block 36-Inch segmental blocks geogrid reinforced with a maximum exposed height of 6 feet with an approximately 1.5H: 1V (Horizontal: Vertical) geogrid reinforced and compacted engineered fill slope above. The slopes above, below and adjacent to the wall were hydroseeded and covered with an erosion control mat and the ground surface above the slope and wall was seeded and covered with straw for vegetation.