Givens Highland Farms

Black Mountain, North Carolina

This project consists of 26 buildings including 22 duplexes, (2) four-unit and (2) six-unit structures, plus stormwater detention basins, parking areas and access roads.

Gentry performed Construction and Materials testing to include:  Earthwork and foundation soils, Gentry observed proof-rolling of the exposed sub grade soils.  In each footing excavation, evaluated the exposed soil conditions relative to the specified foundation design.  Performed laboratory compaction tests (Proctor test) on representative fill soils in general accordance with ASTM D 698 or ASTM D 1557.  Performed in-place field density tests on the fill soils of the building pads, retaining walls, roads and backfill in utility trenches to determine the percent compaction achieved by the grading contractor.  Performed on site testing of the plastic concrete including slump, air content, and temperature, and made 4" X 8" concrete cylinder specimens for compressive strength testing for the concrete foundations, slabs, and patios.  Molded mortar test specimens and grout prisms for compressive strength testing for the concrete masonry unit mortar and grout.  Performed in-place density tests on the aggregate base course and asphaltic concrete to measure the compaction achieved by the contractor for the roads and parking areas.