Project Engineer


Gentry is a small Geotechnical Engineering firm located in Asheville, North Carolina. We are currently interviewing for a Project Engineer. The ideal candidate can expect a dynamic, fast paced, and ever-changing work schedule predominantly in the field of geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing. The majority of the work takes place throughout the mountainous region of western North Carolina and includes both residential and commercial sites.

The position involves approximately 50% fieldwork and 50% office work. The field work is completed in all types of weather.

The Project Engineer must have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering, passed the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam, and licensed as an Engineer In Training (EIT) with the ability to take the Professional Engineer exam within a year is preferred, but not required.  Experience in the field of geotechnical engineering is preferred, but not required.  Gentry will provide training on all aspects of the project engineer duties

Project Engineers are responsible for driving to residential/commercial projects. Projects are usually within 1/2 hour to 1 ½ hours of Asheville.  Candidate must have a reliable vehicle and mileage reimbursement is provided.

Project Engineer’s management responsibilities include:

  • Project cost estimating
  • Proposal preparation
  • Project scheduling
  • Client coordination
  • Training and Supervision of field and laboratory technicians and drillers
  • Invoicing

Project Engineer’s geotechnical engineering design responsibilities include:

  • Laboratory assignment and testing of geotechnical soil and rock samples
  • Data evaluation
  • Earth pressure calculations
  • Shallow foundation systems for single and multi-story buildings
  • Settlement estimates for shallow foundations
  • Groundwater remediation
  • Deep foundation systems (typically micropiles, helical piles and stone columns/aggregate piers)
  • Settlement estimates for deep foundations
  • Evaluating the stability of native soil and rock slopes including fill and cut slope conditions for buildings and roadways.
  • Preparation of slope and retaining wall design plans and specifications for MSE segmental block walls, geogrid reinforced soil slopes, boulder retaining walls, gabion basket walls, welded wire mesh walls and precast modular block walls, soil nail walls and soldier pile walls.
  • Evaluating pavement conditions of roadways to include visual pavement distress surveys, density and thickness measurements of the asphalt or concrete surface, density and thickness measurements of the aggregate base course, relative density or consistency of the subgrade soils, drainage concerns and comparison of actual pavement conditions versus the plans and specifications.
  • Rigid pavement and flexible pavement section design for residential and commercial slabs, roadways and parking lots.

Project Engineer’s construction materials testing responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing and preparing quality control testing and inspection report transmittals during construction of commercial and residential projects to include testing, inspection and monitoring of proof-roll operation, undercutting activities, geotextile and geogrid placement inspection, density control of fill, utility backfill, shallow foundations, reinforcing steel, and concrete placement, asphaltic concrete pavements, overlays and repairs.

The ideal candidate should possess the following physical capabilities:

  • Physical ability to carrying field equipment up to 50 pounds to and from your vehicle to a job site and walking up and down slopes.

The applicant must have access to:

  • A reliable vehicle that can store field equipment, including a wheelbarrow.
  • A reliable smartphone and signal for communication with clients, contractors, management, engineering staff and technicians.
  • Appropriate clothing for all types of weather. Work boots/hiking boots are required.

Does this sound like a career you want to pursue?

If you feel that you are an ideal candidate for this position and you are physically capable, we would be interested in reviewing your qualifications and considering you for this position.  To begin the process, please download and return a completed job application, along with your resume and we will contact you to schedule an interview.  Gentry will provide training on all aspects of the project engineer duties, and provide a smartphone allowance, mileage reimbursement, and personal protective equipment (PPE).  Salary and PTO is commensurate with experience. We offer PTO after 90 days with accrual beginning on the date of hire.  In addition, we offer a Simple IRA plan after 90 days.

Download, complete and return job application to:

  • 17 Sandhill RoadnAsheville, NC 28806